Man in Hiding

The spirit of fear has taken over this nation… 

It doesn’t look like what we would typically think of when we think of the fear gripping someone.

What we might imagine this fearful situation to look like is perhaps what we’ve been fed in horror movies, or frightening tales about creepy monsters or manifestations of another world. Not to downplay such fear…. but maybe this ‘other’ type of fear calls for further attention and evaluation.

This type of fear that doesn’t necessarily provoke an excited response from us. This fear that is underlying… constant. We may not even show a noticeable response to it, maybe we simply live with it. It is our companion. There, whenever we might need it, keeping us “safe” or maybe just “comfortable.”

It is not hard for this companion, this thing, this fear that we may even deceptively call safety or comfort to take over. Actually we invite it in… to make a home. (We also invite the other fear, especially in those moments when we just want to feel alive.) But this underlying fear is free to make it’s residence.

Exposing this fear through need…

We live in a world that, at every turn, caters to every need. These needs (perceived or actual) present us with a dilemma. The dilemma is… will we work for that need. To the extent that we will work, that we will not depend on someone else, that we will be the conduit for fulfilling ours and especially other’s needs, is the extent that we allow fear to make its home. The more willing we are to put in the effort, the less opportunity this type of fear has to make a home. The more convenient a thing is, the more it is accompanied with this type of fear.

Why is this? Because fear comes in the form of excuses. When we can come up with a million excuses NOT to do something, we are in turn letting fear have dominion in respect to that “something.” And we are the ones making that fear literally and figuratively lie under our true reality, hence underlying.

So, what is that something for us? What is that something for you? Think of the last time that you made an excuse about working for that something that you truly needed?

Fear has its way of creeping in. And while we may have allowed it, we now know we have an exit plan for it called: action. Take action now and extricate the man in hiding!


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Fear also comes in the form of excuses...

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