Love and Productivity

Have you every noticed that, some places really promote comfort?

Not that comfort is a bad thing but it’s something that, if we’re not careful can lead to us into a state of… well, nothingness. It’s the breeding ground for many emotions good and bad. In the moment… it’s good. Real good. It’s something that I’ve found myself all too often sitting in, ruminating in, and fading. And then a discovery occurs…three hours later (and most likely 600-1200 calories later) I’m not feeling very good.

This was the case recently when I was going out to take a few hours for myself (away from the husband and kids) to do some writing. As I sat in Panera Bread thinking of what to do next, the smell of the coffee, the warming effect of the fire, even the background music I suppose, was making me just want to curl up and forget about the world. It’s almost… mind-numbing. I can’t fully blame the restaurant, I had also just come out of the movie theatre with my kiddos, and the movie theatre is more than numbing… it’s more like a mind-vacuuming effect.

Does comfort kill?

Until I awoke myself out of the deep slumber I had steadily progressed into, I sat there, not accomplishing much. Finally after about an hour, I thought, I need to get out of this place… now.

I headed over to the Starbucks and what you are reading now is the just some of the result of this decision to shift or change my environment. What is it about certain environments anyway? It seems they really do have an effect on how we accomplish things and ultimately how we end up feeling about ourselves. While I don’t love Starbucks, I am able to like myself a little more after having accomplished something.

This is not a Starbucks promotion, but more like an observation. When we’re trying to be productive even slightly, maybe choosing the place we “love” might not work. Especially when we view love as a form of comfort. But, in that moment, we don’t need to do anything dramatic such as fundamentally change our idea about what love is.

We just need to choose a place maybe we’re not so comfortable in… and then just do.


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