Life is Good?

And what’s good for one person may not be good for another.

What is good anyway?… How does one measure goodness. When we think about what is ‘good’, is it that kind of goodness that extends outside of our moral definition? It would be a danger to think of goodness just inside the scope of our own personal experience and understanding of life, wouldn’t it?
So then, is life really good? In the Book of all books, Jesus Christ asks the question: “Why do you call me good?” As if to say… why do you call something that is in the realm of humanity good, when goodness is something that can only be attributed to a greater existence.

If this is the case, then one could say that life is terrible then? But really, does it have to be either or; whether we call it good or bad, could we be giving it to much power by attaching an adjective to it?

The danger in believing that life is good (or bad) is that we can fool ourselves into believing that we, our life, somehow still supports the theme of goodness no matter the level of wickedness involved in it or vice versa. It also allows the circumstances of this life to contribute to our attitude.

Maybe we could say, good is good. But life… life is opportunity!

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