Let time do its time…

[a #poem]

“I can’t see tomorrow, but I know what it looks like. Another day where the unexpected and expectations collide, into a shady blur. 

It’s like another or several moments in time space that are all ordered the same, but when brought together, signify more. 

Tomorrow is a blank for me , yet with some familiarity. Causing me to leap when I’m not supposed to, walk instead of run, believe what is inside of me to be sight. 

This instinct, this might with no shape and no form to be solid bright as though I can visualize more, as though I can make it my reality… besides, it’s just through that door.

Ah… but the door has a purpose… so, let me re-work this. 

The other side I am not there. Those things I think I see the ones that cause me to stare…are.

But with that shut door they are so far. Farther than my average eye can see. 
Unless I had x-ray sight like superman, but alas I am not he. So I wait…
Casting my burdens and cares somewhere I cannot see.

No jumping, no leaping, no trying to solve problems that just aren’t for me.
I patiently wait on the other side while this day I ride.

Ride the day like a wave, just one moment in time, that can’t be a rewind, a moment that’s mine.

I cherish the good as well as the bad as though it were something that I’ve never had.
That smile from my child, it looks so brand new, and I almost forgot what’s pure and what’s true.

What’s noble and righteous. Looking so far almost made me forget this…

So I resign, until tomorrow I’m fine. For now I’ll just sit… and let time do its time.”
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