Just Courage

Courage: I never really thought about what it looked like… have you… Have you ever just thought and pondered the word?

Maybe it was an attribute that really didn’t fit into my boring, mundane life. After all, it’s takes an adventure of some sort to solicit courage. Or it could’ve  been that I was afraid of even the mere thought of courage, so with any situation it could remotely be applied, it was immediately dismissed. (But to be afraid of the word courage is just insane, right?)

Well this week while we’re head-on, confronted with what it means to be courageous, we may come to the realization that it is an unusually unique characteristic. It’s not the same as victorious, and even while it implies living a better, more full life, like victory, it’s not the same. Courage does not happen by chance.

So what is courage… exactly? Some things that come to mind are:

  1. This week is not the same as last week, even though in general, we find ourselves doing the same things this week that we did last week, courage is not an apparent change from our everyday routine.
  2. A straight, smooth life without wrinkles, after going through a tough week, what does it look like? Would it be straight and smooth by the end of the week? If it were, we can safely conclude a force such as or similar to courage may be involved.

In a world that asks us to bend, to change, to stretch, to in other words, compromise… it almost seems more courageous to stay put exactly where we are than to go forth in some valiant effort. Go forth… slow and deliberate.

What do you think? What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?


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