IMPACT… an acronym.

“Every tub sits on it’s own bottom…”, that’s what the wife of a man affectionately referred to as “little claude robert” in his premier book, Grandma Stories used to say … often. What it meant was that everyone is responsible for their own actions and behavior. That everything begins with personal responsibility.

One area in particular that hinges on this idea is the area of impact. Impact is something that we’ve all thought about at one time or another. If  we’ve ever wanted to make a difference in this life, leave a legacy behind, we’ve thought about “impact.”

So what does this impact look like through the lense of personal responsibility?

Below, an acronym, a list to help us identify some of the things involved in order to make real impact.

  1. Initiate: Speak it… we must start it. We must be able to see and then communicate the change that we are desiring to see.
  2. Move: Act it… take action. Start pulling together the baby steps that it’s going to take to bring change about, and move in them.
  3. Pay (Attention): Watch it… grow. Documenting our actions is the critical part of legacy leaving. Pay close attention to pivotal moments.
  4. Align: Order it… Keep everything in it’s place by aligning your work to a strategy. Something that’s leading to a desired outcome.
  5. Commit: Just Do it… Every day, without fail, no quitting. Consistency is a crucial element of impact.
  6. Trust: Release it… When the time comes, whatever the vision is that we’ve made possible through our actions, will have to be left behind. We can start now with an attitude of trust, knowing that it will all work out in the end… with or without us.

It starts with our decision to envision a better life for ourselves, and those around us. Yes, not everything is perfect in the world. Now that we know how to make an impact, what are we going to do about it?


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