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Thank you for joining me on this week’s hangout. We discussed Seven Simple Steps to Making Our Dreams A Reality: See original blog post here. The TOP TOOLS are:

  • Fear – the godly kind. Yes, there is a good kind of fear. A reverence that does not allow us to cross certain lines. Meaning it also motivates us across that line when need be. It insights movement, passion, productivity, progress.
  • Illumination – as opposed to being the light. We are without light in and of ourselves. But we can illuminate the light that is within us. When our vision is clear, the Light that is within us shines the brightest.
  • Singing – where does music come from? Is it just something that is somehow pieced together with no rhyme or reason. Or maybe it has purpose? A song that starts in the heart can do wonders in bringing things to pass.
  • Boundaries – boundaries are the things between our fantasy and reality.  Understanding where they begin and end is the beginning to unlocking our desires here on this earth. TOOLBoundaries Workbook: When to Say Yes When to Say No To Take Control of Your Life
  • Reading – reading helps make what is perhaps lofty into something that is more relevant. Reading opens our ears up and allows us to hear things that we can apply to our current situation to build and bear fruit. TOOL: The Bible :)
  • Curiosity – curiosity killed the cat… but it also started revolutions! Don’t be afraid to question something. And then question it again. If we can find ourselves curious, we may find an answer we didn’t even know we were looking for.
  • Pain – sacrificing something the ultimate vehicle to making our vision a reality. It says that we know there’s something greater. And are willing to give up the here and now for it.

Want to really get a kickstart in uncovering what is inside of your heart? Read this book: Grandma Stories with Social Commentaries. Simple but strong truths through touching short stories. It’s a beautiful thing.


Please share this with anyone you know in need of victory… and please leave your thoughts, ideas, discussion below :). Would love to hear from you. God Bless!

Live simply. Live intentionally. Live victoriously!

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