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Thank you for joining me on this week’s hangout. We discussed Seven Simple Steps to Making Our Dreams A Reality: See original blog post here. The TOP TOOLS are:

You may remember (depending on your age) the Toys r us jingle, “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a toys r us kid…” And then it continues on about all the things that are wonderful about staying young. Do you remember it? It was so delightful and catchy that I still sometimes breakout into song with these exact lyrics when life gets too hard.

Needless to say, no matter how engaging this tune is with the lyrics, there are several reasons to change this tune to something that instead promotes growing up. In fact, in the new roles we take on as grown ups there are at least eight potential reasons to go for growth!:

Reason #1: for our children-someone has to take the role of the child. Yes, that is true. So why not let it be the child, not us. Children need grown ups to thrive…and it feels good to be needed.

Reason #2: for our spouse-marriage is one of the greatest commitments we could ever make as a adult, and with commitment comes growth and creativity. It’s thrilling that we can help another be inspired to a newfound sense of being.

Reason #3: for our work-grown ups work, kids play. When we hold a job or go into business, this work has the potential to produce something; and with diligence it can produce something great, and as a result make a difference.

Reason #4: for the poor– our those less fortunate. One way to tell who those are that are less fortunate than us takes asking grown up questions, using grown up discernment, and being a grown up, tangible help. When we give…it makes us part of a solution. Just one more way to have a positive impact on the world around us.

Reason #5: for memories-The older we get, the more memories we make. Memories are a great way to open our hearts to new possibilities, remember the old… and let the cycle of growth continue!

Reason #6: for vision-technically, as we grow older, the vision of our eyes may wane. But our spiritual sight has the opportunity for bounds of improvement when we overcome life’s obstacles … More and more the older we get, helps us to see things we may never have the chance to see staying young.

Reason #7: for travel– speaking of physical sight… There’s just so much to see. How we some it is that we can go places, and see different things that some miss in their whole lifetime.

Reason #8: for freedom– it’s not everyday as a child that we can get to choose what time we go to bed, wake up, eat, read, shop, travel, give, where we work, or what we do with our time and money (any of the above things.) We have the opportunity to make a real impact on the world around us by choosing the right things.


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