Free Your Mind…the Right Way!


It begins with mindset…

It is the set of values and beliefs that make up our way of thinking. Everyone has one. This mindset of ours seems to really reveal itself in difficult times however. It reveals itself in the form of our will and emotions. It’s easy to simply say “free your mind,” but to free one’s mind in reality is much more difficult than saying it only. It even takes more than believing it (meaning that we cannot believe our mind free.)  With a truly free mind, our potential for success is unlimited. With a truly free mind, the only option is to move forward. There are three major areas that will enable our minds to be completely liberated!:

1. Ebb and Flow: Letting things happen a bit different from what we originally expect. This doesn’t mean to throw all expectations out the door. But to be open enough for incremental changes, whether up or down, outside of our current lines of thought. Down with straight, smooth lines! Determining and working in harmony with your mind’s ebb and flow makes it possible to keep on moving forward despite the hills and valleys that come along the way. Remain flexible.

2. Good Position: We all have heard of the phrase mind over matter? Good position means taking care of the mind part, the internal state, while condition means the matter, or external circumstances. Instead of ‘mind over matter,’ think ‘position over condition.’ This considers what’s inside the mind first. What are our thought lives like? If we are living from a place of good position or, true and noble thoughts, we have indeed taken the first step to unstoppable success.

3. Always Activate.  Take action on ideas as they come. We have a tendency to think things over things TOO much when sometimes, we must start acting. Good position is always inspiring us to take action in realizing our dreams. The more we ruminate and rehearse ideas, thoughts, plans, the more we are walking away from our true destiny. When we start to act things just start happening. When we give it time, they happen in our favor! Yes, when we trust God above to be the author and the finisher of our  actions, and not us ourselves, we take the most crucial step in freeing our mind – that is trusting the One who made it.

Are there any areas your mind may need a little more freedom or even faith? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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