Follow Strong

What does it mean to follow strong?

This week I was reminded of this question as I was following my friend driving to the zoo. I was not very clear on how to get there.

I thought (as one often does in this situation), what if we are ‘disconnected’ in traffic? Would I still know where to go?

Does my phone have enough juice so I can fall back on my GPS as needed? What if I get lost… my GPS fails? Do I have the gas and needed supplies for myself, my baby and my toddler until we find our way out?

These are questions that we may ask ourselves on a regular basis or at one time or another.., aren’t they?

What if…? Am I ready to take the lead as necessary? Or it might look something like this after we’ve lost our way… “Where do I go from here? What am I supposed to do now?

So what does it mean to follow strong?

It seems that this is a crucial element of faith that gets overlooked a lot… the one that demands that we truly follow after the one that’s leading us. Not just ordinary following, but rather the kind that demands we also make the necessary ‘faith preparations’ just in case we have to eventually take the lead. Characteristics of a true follower:

  • has a significant purpose and a right perspective
  • might be nervous but goes anyway
  • ready to say ‘thank you’, even in tight situations
  • keeps the bigger picture in mind
  • has the willingness to keep going even without knowing what will happen
  • has unwavering expectation and trust

These sound like great leadership qualities, don’t they?

Please join me in the next Podcast as we discuss this and more ways to live victoriously!


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