Five Fast Confidence Boosters

We all have had moments when we lack confidence. As new parents, starting a new job, building a business, or simply anytime we’ve ever had to undertake a new project. Whether we are not quite equipped or more than ready. Maybe we need to present something publicly without knowing what to say or simply…show up in public. These are moments that can really challenge us, our abilities, and our faith. Everyone has had to deal with these moments. Small and great men alike. So, how do we deal with them? Do we turn around, stay stagnant, or do we forge ahead. Here are five ways to help us move forward with confidence on our side… fast!

1. Prayer – Where does confidence come from anyway? The root words in confidence mean “with faith”. Prayer takes faith. Exercising faith through prayer is one of the fastest ways to start and be regularly building those confidence muscles.

2. Asking – Have you ever been in a situation where you asked for something that you didn’t expect to get… and then got it. Wow! Confidence is waiting on the other side of our request. Simply asking kills doubt, the arch-enemy of confidence.

3. Action – Taking action, choosing a course, picking a direction is just …’grown up.’ You feel grown up when you do it. And then you want to keep on doing it. Action not only kills fear, but it’s the sure fire way to start building momentum toward more confidence.

4. Humility – It sounds like humility is the opposite of confidence one might say. But again where does confidence come from? There is nothing in and of ourselves to be that sure about. If any of us have ever said, “I’m going to lose weight this year!”, or “I’m going to read this book!”, and did not do it, then we know this. Knowing that we can and will fall short sooner or later opens up endless possibilities in building one’s confidence.

5. Determination – A matter of the will indeed. The “Yes, I will” attitude. Not to be confused with the “Yes, I can” ego. Determination is the nice, steady way to get anywhere really. Confidence is the by-product we pick up along the way!


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