Exceptionally Enough!

Am I enough?

Have you heard the statement: “To live a defeated life is worse than than death… ”

Well, the question, “am I enough” is sure to point us in the direction of a defeated life.

What is a defeated life? One that sees no hope for the future. Life has become so overwhelming that we are lead to ask the question: “am I enough?”

But what if we could avoid this question  completely by looking at the bigger, more vast picture. After all, the key word in this question is “I”. And the answer of course is no. Oh, there are moments when we feel like we’re more than enough. But doesn’t it usually always come back to this, this question.

Yes, there are programs and self-help guidance and gurus that will have us chanting mantras of “I am enough” everyday, if only just to accomplish some great goal. But what takes place after the lights go out, the goal is complete and our vision has been short stopped.

Maybe the real question then becomes… Am I available? And in that, am I teachable and correctable? This question is really enough.


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