Define the Swine!

How many of us have been caught in a place that we just don’t want to be?

We accepted the invitation, went on the date, started the venture, only to find out that this event, person, or thing is just not working out for us. We are not where we want or feel we ought to be. Have you ever been there?

In this moment, the moment of discovering we are not having the best¬†feelings about where we are, this is the moment we can take the opportunity to stop and ‘define the swine’.¬†Meaning this is the moment to stop and evaluate if what we originally decided is still working for us. The key part of this statement is the ‘what we originally decided.’

Of course, we can go back and attack the swine. We can call everyone at the party haters. We can call our date a loser. Or we can call that venture a failure… But really where does our responsibility in attracting that thing to us in the first place come in?

Defining the swine is about more than jumping to conclusions. It is about taking intentional steps backward, and then asking ourselves the question: why did we say yes to begin with?


Need help in defining your swine? The answer is to simplify. Click here to get started.

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