Cost of Vanity

Vanity is Captivity…

Captivity is a trap. The first thing we have to realize when it comes to vanity is that it has its own agenda. And even though it comes with the general feeling that it’s all about us, the truth is is that it’s about more than us. It’s about looking like, feeling like, even being more than what is ultimately intended for us.
And this… it costs something. More than we know or are led to believe. It doesn’t leave room for much possibility, potential, or room for real growth. Mainly because it gives you the illusion of growth… at least while your eyes are on it or your heart is turned towards it. Vanity is cunningly deceiving.
Power of Vanity:
It looks good, feels right, and makes promises that align with even the most purest of influences. In fact, that is where it’s power comes from.. pure places or purity. Purity is freedom from contamination. What better place to start a revolution of the heart than a place with no hidden agenda… an uncharted territory?
However, because of the cunning ways of vanity, it also uses the space that has another influential power. Coming alongside purity, it also uses faith. The most influential characteristic of faith is that of belief.
Couple purity and belief, you have a recipe for turning what was once sacred to curious. What was once piety to pity. What was once untainted to a canvas inviting an echoing emptiness. Purity and belief hold no reservations, at least in the beginning. Leaving it as a provocative open door to be robbed, raped, and pillaged, and then stamped with the superficial clause or cause of the moment.
Cost of Vanity:
In vanity we forgo peace. We’re robbed of time, of grace. In vanity we’re making a decision against something in favor of… a very lonely place. In vanity we lose the hope of acquiring any of the benefits of the beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12). Or the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Or life period.
Yes, the cost of vanity is our very lives. And even in this we must always remember we’re being watched by someone else. The influence of it is powerful. There is no way out except to harken to the voice of Him who is more powerful.
Redemption from Vanity:
It is in the word “from”… that leaves with us the mark of a reminder. Rather than the words “is” or “of”, the word “from” alone has a redemptive quality about it, don’t you think? As in being rescued ‘from’ something.
To be rescued from vanity we must first ask the Lord to:
  • turn our captivity (Deuteronomy 30:3). Turn that thing that has so enthralled us that we can see Him clearly again. Also,
  • to remind us that He is our firm foundation, our Rock, Our Comforter. All of our hard work and effort means nothing without Him. And finally,
  • that He would be the one to build. He is the architect and the builder. Let all good things come from this place, from Him, that He May be our rescue “from”, our redeemer in time of need.
May we remember this, always.
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