Change is Good?

Is change really good?

… It certainly can look from the outside like change is a bad thing. Actually, if it is something that brings us (or those around us) outside of our comfort zone, the consensus is quickly to ‘please stop!’. It doesn’t feel good or in the very least, it doesn’t feel right.

Despite the feeling, we (humans) are designed for change. No matter how hard we try to preserve our way of doing things, things ultimately change, and we are built to either react to or respond to it. Responding is best. Whether it is because of our influence, other’s influences, or simply the environment around us. We can look for change and respond to it by accepting it and knowing that change is simply trying to do us a favor.

Once we are in the place where we realize that we’ve been trying to avoid change and are now ready to get on with it, whether it be in our business or our personal life, there are some ways to ensure that it lasts. This happens through:

  • Commitment – Deciding to commit to it. Decision is powerful. It starts inside of us. Once we decide to commit, when change comes around (and it is inevitable that it will) our first response will be one of “how can I be better equipped for this?” instead of trying to escape it.
  • Examples – We can surround ourselves with examples and listen to stories of others that have undergone or are undergoing a change in their life and/or business…and are reaping the positive benefits. This keeps us on our toes, ready for the next thing that’s around the corner for us. No doubt, there is!
  • Teachers – Do not take them for granted. There are people out there that can actually teach, instruct, and motivate us through proper change in our business or just life in general. The term “change agents” has been coined recently for people like this. It is simply another phrase for teachers. Teachers have always existed to elevate us to higher and more refined understanding preparing us for the changes ahead.
  • Action – Walk out the change, consistently. There is no turning back. Once we’ve made the decision and are now committed to real change, we find that our excuses become less and less and the Nike slogan has a whole new meaning and is now a regular part of the way we operate: “Just do it.”

Change may or may not be good, but with the right response, the results can be outstanding. Embrace it!

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