The Chips Are A Fallin’!

Letting the chips fall where they may is a saying that usually comes after an event. When we say this we are referring to  something has happened as a precursor. Usually something negative. After witnessing something take place, it is only then that we can “let the chips fall where they may.” This phrase, about “letting the chips[…]


“Unperfected” over Unwritten

We are slaves to history. Life could be easy, however, this ‘history thing’ is there to make sure that it’s not. It has some kind of agenda that seeks to work within us rather that just externally write a story about us. If we are going through life just recording what is happening, we are missing[…]


To The Max!

Imagine an empty glass… It is the famous glass that has a capacity of being half full or half empty. We’ve all heard the question about whether we see the glass half full or half empty filled when it’s half filled. This being a way to determine whether we are optimists or pessimists. But what[…]


Sinking to Solid… Seriously!

Have you ever wondered just exactly how does someone go from extreme confusion to a place of extreme confidence? Actually, how often have we even seen this in action? Someone that is completely uncertain and anxious about life, moving into a place of solid capability that enables them to conquer more and more each day. Some of[…]


Be the Proof!

Proof defined:  evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement (noun); able to withstand something damaging; resistant (adj) Proof is the essence of progress. It encompasses the process involved while establishing the fact that a person is what they say they are. Before looks…. is the “proof”. Being the proof will shore up[…]


Be Clean

What does it mean to be clean and why is it important? Clean is defined as: free from dirt, marks, or stains. Or as: morally uncontaminated; pure; innocent. Sometimes the word clean scares us. Well at least it does some of us. So… what does hearing this word do to you? In order to really tackle this[…]


What Is Heritage?

What is heritage to you? When you read the word, “heritage,” what comes to mind? It’s not something we think about everyday. We might rather think in line of family tradition or the like, but not necessarily with the lens of heritage. When we do think about these things that are connected to heritage, we[…]


Because It’s The Law

What’s the law? Everything fashioned from the beginning of time that is simply what it is because it was meant to be so. If there is a purpose for it, there is something that establishes it. That thing, in this case, is called a “law.” However an established “law” is not the same as a created[…]


Basically Instinct

What do you think of when you think of provision? Is it one person taking care of another person… Maybe some thing, any thing, being taken care of? Perhaps you think of a sort of preparedness or readiness. In reality, there are two ways to look at provision: One is to provide a need for, such as food or[…]


Man in Hiding

The spirit of fear has taken over this nation…  It doesn’t look like what we would typically think of when we think of the fear gripping someone. What we might imagine this fearful situation to look like is perhaps what we’ve been fed in horror movies, or frightening tales about creepy monsters or manifestations of another world.[…]