Cost of Vanity

Vanity is Captivity… Captivity is a trap. The first thing we have to realize when it comes to vanity is that it has its own agenda. And even though it comes with the general feeling that it’s all about us, the truth is is that it’s about more than us. It’s about looking like, feeling[…]


The Nevertheless

There is horror, there is law, there is favor, there is mercy…. And sometimes, many times, the dots don’t connect. In fact, we have to assume that they won’t. We cannot always make sense of it. Nevertheless… In the midst of it all it is this that we grab onto. The “nevertheless.”What is yours? The[…]


The Gathering

To gather is a chore. Whether we are initiating or simply attending. Gathering is an element of our life that asks for our participation. So what does participation look like to you? Does it mean to always be the one raising your hand? Or is it, when it’s time for a group event, to make[…]

The Leap to Rediscovery

Have you ever felt that the leap to ‘getting something done’ was just too far? Maybe you’ve found yourself forehead deep into things that… well, just… “things.” Whatever these things are, maybe they started out as fun, but now they have just turned into a big headache. Pretty much a detriment to being able to[…]


Masterpieces and Motivation

Do you have someone in your life who is always there? Perhaps a friend … Or maybe they are not always there, but they come to mind whenever something challenging comes around? Just the idea of this friend creates the illusion of enough support, that you end up emboldened in whatever task you’re performing. This distinction[…]


Problem with Perfunctory 

Does this title seems kind of redundant?… Of course being perfunctory is a problem one might say… Perfunctory meaning with hasty performance, routine, without care, negligent, uninterested. As a matter of fact it’s the opposite of what we are admonished about when it comes to prudent behavior. .. But at least its performance. Here’s the[…]


Simple Unity

Unity and togetherness are not the same. Yes, unity is about coming together… but usually in a way that includes the melding together of to create a harmonious end, whereas togetherness is just being with. It may be a precursor to unity, it may not… Oftentimes it is not. Togetherness calls for a willingness to be[…]


The Chance to be Judged

It says in Psalms that the wicked will not stand in the judgement. Standing indicates a posture of presence. The not being able to be “present” to defend their cause is one way this verse can be explained. Can you imagine not even having a presence or place to state your case… like you don’t[…]


When It Counts

There are things in this life that are right to do, and things and that are wrong to do… would you agree?   Scripture: Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  It goes on to say… Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave[…]