Being is Believing


What does it mean to believe?

Is it just a superficial word that has slight significance in a sentence like: “I believe if you take a right you should see it there in front of you.” Just an elegant randomness of thought.

Maybe it is a place in which we elevate our thinking to a higher level and are no more in the realm of forgetfulness or randomness, but for a myriad of reasons we now understand a bit more and so our level of belief rises up, based on what we now can comprehend.

Or could it be… a more special place than either of these. A more intimate, even strategic place.

I was reminded of the Goldilocks tale last week. How this little girl went through the house of the three Bears and tried all of their porridge, slept in all of their beds. But there was only one porridge that she finished. There’s only one bed that she stayed in.

Could it be that belief is so closely aligned or rather intertwined with who we are, that like Goldilocks, when we find what is “just right,” for us, in that final moment no matter what may come against us, we’ll just be caught in the act of doing what it is we truly do believe. And not only that but also truly believing what it is we do. Full on integrity at its brightest. A place of purity at its utmost…belief.

Are we being the part and not simply dreaming, acting, or talking the part? Then certainly we are walking down the trail of belief… Where it’s taking us? That is the real question.


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