Because It’s The Law

What’s the law?

Everything fashioned from the beginning of time that is simply what it is because it was meant to be so. If there is a purpose for it, there is something that establishes it. That thing, in this case, is called a “law.” However an established “law” is not the same as a created law. Created law is convenient for a time, a period in history, a season, maybe even just a week. These are temporary.  But with an established law, the foundation of our world adhere’s…. Laws that were in place early on. These are established laws. They affect us all broadly and intricately. We most likely see these laws in play when there is a turning point in our lives individually or collectively.

A Common Thread

We can find many of these “laws” by simply looking for the common thread of consequences produced by each of them. They’re natural. Just part of our natural living. As sure as if we were to plant a certain kind of seed into the ground, it would result in producing that same certain fruit.

Depending on the individual, these laws can work out for the benefit or the detriment of that person. Whenever there is a situation that needs judging, these laws have already gone ahead and made room for easy decision-making, making them invaluable.

Even with all these set laws in place… helping us to make wise decisions… there is still a more fruitful way. A way that makes every one these laws valid, putting them into effect to produce an even greater outcome.

Behavior modification vs. real change

In order for these natural laws to affect true transformation, they must be connected, orchestrated around the Main Law. The Main Law is that of Love.

You may ask, “what’s love gotta do with it?”, especially when it comes to business. Well, truly everything revolves around it, even money. Yes, even money. The more we can fall in and in line with it, the more natural our success will be.

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