Be the Proof!

Proof defined: 

evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement (noun);

able to withstand something damaging; resistant (adj)

Proof is the essence of progress. It encompasses the process involved while establishing the fact that a person is what they say they are. Before looks…. is the “proof”. Being the proof will shore up everything else on the outside. Do this by remembering these things:

Make Mistakes: Well…not on purpose. Do give yourself permission to mess up once in a while though. Have you ever heard of a proof copy in design? The first or second look at a design is what is called a “proof copy.” Now these are not the final copies, but they are indeed record that a work is in progress and that means just that… “in progress.” It is better to be in progress than to not be.

Do the Hard Work: There is an adage that says, “work smart, not hard,” or what about, “hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?” It seems that people have been trying to escape hard work for a long time. But hard work is attractive, and much of the work required on our part is just what is necessary for us to get to the next step. If we want to reach that step fully and completely without tripping on the way we should rather ascribe to the quote in the image above – “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke

Use White Space: Sound mysterious? White space is basically the section of a document that is unused. In regards to progress this simply means leave room by conveying “unused” ideas about yourself. Be a little vague while being generous in other areas. Imagine things being filled in by onlookers. Using design as an example again, white space is used to make things easier to look at and take in. This idea is also very similar in marketing because it gives the listener freedom to be intrigued and even interpret your message in their own way.

Start Over: As needed, take a couple steps back and hit a reset button. Still use all the same things that you were originally equipped with, but just with a new perspective. This is important because of all of the stuff our minds can get cluttered with from day to day. Starting over just means relaxing now and picking it up afresh in the morning. Sometimes we just need to be recharged with the right viewpoint – and that’s progress.


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