Be All In.

What do you think of when you hear this: “Be all in.”

Does it conjure up the image of jumping in a pool? How about the image of standing at the edge of a pool and being absolutely sure that you want to jump in, and diving in deep… as in ‘all in.’  Because if you’re not going deep then you better not even try, lest you slip and fall. Just being unsure makes it impossible to take a purposeful dive, right?

But what if this short statement brings to you ideas that are more close to home. As in “do I mean what I say” or “do I doubt my future reality because of what my present reality is” or “am I doing what matters to me most right now, at this moment… so that I can have my all, all in. And even more urgent, isn’t it required of us to answer these questions before deciding to even enter the locker room?

Just something to consider…



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