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What do you think of when you think of provision?

Is it one person taking care of another person… Maybe some thing, any thing, being taken care of?

Perhaps you think of a sort of preparedness or readiness.

In reality, there are two ways to look at provision: One is to provide a need for, such as food or water; and another is to make room for as in prepare a space. This also includes the “not” making provision for too. (Not providing a need or not making room for.)

When it comes to getting things done, in order to accomplish the task, the emphasis on “not” is what is most crucial. On the other side of provision, the actions that just “are”, include those that are seemingly more instinctual, something we find in our normal daily living. There’s not a ‘going out of the way’ involved. Such as eating. We make provision for our hunger, when we eat… instinctual action. But when we decide not to eat, for example to accommodate something else, putting a pause on this kind of natural providence, this is the kind of provision that requires more effort.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had two decisions before you? And while the decision not to do something may have been more difficult, it is the one that promised the desired results.

With food… the choice to cut a certain food out of our diet may accomplish our fitness goals more effectively than the decision to simply try eating a healthy diet or eating more of a certain thing. The choice not to do something holds a bit more weight in this example… literally!

Because a decision against something is always more difficult, sometimes we can find ourselves forced into places we don’t want to be. Maybe we’ve put off making the decision so long that now we are in a place where we find no way out. Staying with the food example, this could mean a medical diagnosis that now makes refraining from a specific food a must.

In all this however, it’s good for us to remember that just like there are instincts toward things we should do, these instincts also play a role in those that we ought not to do. Things that are less than advantageous. If we can allow our instincts to submit to the warnings in other words, the red lights, we will find ourselves with an edge that can be described as none other than divine.

Thank you for commenting, subscribing and sharing… what is one way you’ve found divine provision by using your instincts?

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