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You are here because you know there is more…there is victory to be had!  Whether the tools that will help you in finding that “more” are here, will only be found out by taking that first step. Be assured that you will find everything that you are looking for as long as you seek it out.

Here is some more information to get you started:

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: Live Victoriously is the weekly podcast about applying victory to everyday life. This audio provides unique perspective and solutions to common things that leave us stuck.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE VLOG: “The American Housewife”, features an inside look at my life as an American housewife married to a non-American man, and mama to two adorable, active boys. Videos available on Youtube.

READ THE BLOG: Read the blog, where I share tools I’m using and some of the resources I use to launch projects and work from home. Also take a peak of things I’ll be working on.

So glad you are here, continue to browse, learn more of my personal story here!


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