10 Ways to Kill Stress

Yes, we all have at one time or another fallen victim to it… stress. The mortal enemy of mothers and managers alike. Not always of our own accord, but sometimes caused by the external circumstances closing in around us.

Studies have shown that stress is one of the major causes of death. It’s been linked to all six of the most common causes of death. And, is attributed to around 75% of all visits to a family physician. Stress is responsible for almost half of the death rate in people that are under 65 and causes numerous other illnesses.*

Yikes! Stress can rob us of our joy if we let it but, it’s good to know that it is not something that we have to live with. Here are ten ways to give the enemy of stress the permanent boot, saying goodbye forever!

Diligence: Overcome stress through baby steps of accomplishment. Sometimes we bring stress on ourselves by simply taking on too much all at once… and in a short period of time. Letting diligence be the end goal helps us create the space for ourselves that we truly need to fulfill any given task.

Volunteering: This brings much needed perspective in a world of hustle and bustle by putting into perspective the thing that tends to stress most of us out on a regular basis: time. Volunteering our time, talent, and energy in simply serving people not only kills stress, but is also an energy booster. It’s hard to be stressed out over bringing a smile to someone’s face.:)

Agreement: We’ve all heard the statement, “let’s agree to disagree.” There is the kind of agreement that says we must be of the same mind. But there’s another kind that says, “I’m going to let you have your own mind”, or rather, “I consent to back off.” There’s nothing that brings stress on faster than trying to change someone else’s way of thinking. Agreement by way of acceptance can surely go a long way.

Recommendations: Give recommendations. This may seem like it does not relate to stress at all, but the phrase coined by John F. Kennedy, “a rising tide lifts all boats..” is just one example of how it does. When we make a recommendation or share what we have experienced, especially in good faith, we are actually creating a harmonious atmosphere around us. This lifts not only others, but also our feelings of anxiety and worry among other things.

Giving: Giving is the fastest most effective way to get rid of stress, because it targets the source of stress for many of us: money. Yes, giving of money and valuables tells stress to get lost by saying that we are not controlled by money or things. When we can sincerely show this then we are able to let go of a major cause of stress.

Seeking: We know how good it is to walk in forgiveness. Well, there is a way that makes this possible. It is by first seeking forgiveness. We may find it difficult to forgive someone for hurting us in some way. But when we first seek forgiveness by really looking at ways we’ve offended others first, we open the door to forgiveness at all levels. Stress flees from a solid place of forgiveness.

Facts: Get the facts straight. We can create a whole lot of drama around the things that are trying to stress us. This only breeds more stress. If we can accurately and orderly get all of the facts (down in writing is best), we will be able to reach a real place where we can take the needed action to begin walking away from negative feelings associated with it. Even keeping a journal helps to bring focus to an otherwise ‘bloated’ situation.

Commit: Commit to a plan of action. We cannot help change what’s stressing us without setting time aside daily to deal with it. By saying, “Yes, I am dealing with stress and I’m now getting rid of it!”, we are showing that we’re ready for battle. We not only realize that it is a battle and we will win, but we now have something else to focus on, which is in itself a victory!

Reflection: Reflecting on the things that used to be stressors and are no longer is a motivator. It inspires us to celebrate our victories and keep moving forward. To reflect is to shed light on something. We can shed light on the reality of our current circumstances by reflecting that those behind us are simply not so big anymore.

Unity: Unity is the ultimate reward to our efforts. Unity or reconciliation is the opposite of stress, the opposite of pressure. When we realize that we don’t have to live with stress and can choose to live in unity. Confronting now and embracing the truth, rather than looking for ways to escape, the enemy of stress gets left behind…for good!

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